When Was Zip2 Sold?

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When Was Zip2 Sold?

When Was Zip2 Sold?

The sale of Zip2, a company co-founded by Elon Musk, is a significant event in his entrepreneurial journey. Zip2 provided business directories and maps for newspapers, helping them make the transition to the internet. To understand the impact of this sale, it is important to explore when it actually occurred.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zip2, co-founded by Elon Musk, was sold in the late 1990s.
  • The sale of Zip2 enabled Musk to become a millionaire at the age of 27.
  • Compaq acquired Zip2 for a reported $307 million.

In the late 1990s, Elon Musk and his brother Kimbal Musk co-founded Zip2, a software company that provided online business directories and maps. The aim was to assist newspapers in transferring their offerings to the rapidly growing internet market. Zip2 successfully partnered with numerous major newspapers, including The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune, allowing them to develop their online presence during the dot-com boom. This innovative approach revolutionized the newspaper industry’s move to cyberspace.

Sale of Zip2

In February 1999, Compaq, a computer hardware manufacturer, purchased Zip2 in a deal valued at an impressive $307 million. This acquisition allowed Elon Musk to make his mark as a successful entrepreneur, as he netted a large profit from the sale at just 27 years old. The sale of Zip2 was a significant milestone in Musk’s career, providing him with the financial resources to pursue other ventures such as X.com, later known as PayPal. Musk’s ability to create and sell a successful startup at a young age showcased his business acumen and set the stage for his future endeavors.

Data on Zip2’s Sale

Year Acquirer Acquisition Price
1999 Compaq $307 million

Zip2’s sale to Compaq not only provided Elon Musk with significant financial gains but also showcased his ability to identify promising business opportunities and build successful companies. By selling Zip2, Musk paved the way for his future pursuits, eventually leading to his involvement in companies like SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Musk’s entrepreneurial journey is characterized by his determination to disrupt industries and push the boundaries of innovation.


In the late 1990s, Zip2, co-founded by Elon Musk, was sold to Compaq for $307 million, cementing Musk’s position as a successful entrepreneur. This sale propelled him into further ventures and allowed him to make a strong impact on industries such as space exploration and electric vehicles. The sale of Zip2 marked a significant milestone in Musk’s career, giving rise to a series of accomplishments and groundbreaking innovations.

Additional Data on Zip2’s Sale

Year Acquirer Acquisition Price
1999 Compaq $307 million

Zip2’s Impact on Elon Musk’s Career

The sale of Zip2 enabled Elon Musk to become a millionaire at a young age and provided him with the financial backing to embark on ambitious projects. Musk’s journey has since encompassed numerous groundbreaking ventures, shaping industries with his vision and determination. This remarkable success story demonstrates the transformative power of strategic business decisions and the immense impact of entrepreneurial individuals. Elon Musk‘s continuous drive to revolutionize industries has made him one of the most influential figures in the world today.

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Common Misconceptions

Misconception 1: Zip2 was sold in 2000

One common misconception is that Zip2 was sold in 2000. However, this is not accurate. While Zip2 was indeed a startup founded in 1995, it was sold to Compaq in February 1999, nearly a year earlier than what many people believe.

  • Zip2 was sold before the new millennium began
  • The sale of Zip2 predates the dot-com bubble burst
  • The Compaq acquisition happened during the height of the dot-com boom

Misconception 2: Elon Musk founded Zip2

Another misconception is that Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur, founded Zip2. While Elon Musk was indeed involved in the company, he was not the founder. Zip2 was actually co-founded by Elon’s brother Kimbal Musk and his business partner Greg Kouri.

  • Elon Musk joined Zip2 in the early stages as a co-founder
  • Kimbal Musk and Greg Kouri were the original founders
  • Elon Musk’s role in Zip2 was significant but not as the founder

Misconception 3: Zip2 was sold for billions of dollars

One misconception that circulates is that Zip2 was sold for billions of dollars. While the acquisition was indeed a significant event in the tech world, the actual purchase price was $307 million in cash and Compaq stock. The deal included additional performance-based incentives, but it did not reach the billion-dollar mark.

  • The acquisition involved a mix of cash and stocks
  • The total value of the deal was $307 million
  • While a substantial amount, it did not reach billions of dollars

Misconception 4: Zip2 quickly disappeared after the sale

It is often mistakenly assumed that Zip2 vanished after its acquisition. However, this is not the case. Following the sale to Compaq, Zip2 was integrated with Compaq’s AltaVista unit, a popular search engine at the time, forming a new entity called AltaVista Software.

  • Zip2 merged with AltaVista to form a new company
  • The integration aimed to enhance AltaVista’s offerings
  • Zip2’s technology continued to have an impact after the sale

Misconception 5: There were no significant successors to Zip2

Many people assume that Zip2 did not have any notable successors. However, the reality is that the team behind Zip2 went on to build other successful ventures. Kimbal Musk, for example, played a significant role in the creation of The Kitchen Restaurant Group, Square Roots, and other successful businesses.

  • Zip2’s founders continued to contribute to the tech and entrepreneurial world
  • The team went on to establish various successful ventures
  • Kimbal Musk’s subsequent ventures gained recognition and success
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Elon Musk’s Early Business Ventures

Before becoming a prominent figure in companies like Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk embarked on several entrepreneurial endeavors. One of these ventures was Zip2, a company specializing in online business directories and maps. The table below provides a timeline of key events and the eventual sale of Zip2.

Year Event
1995 Zip2 founded by Elon Musk and his brother Kimbal Musk.
1996 Zip2 launches its first online business directory.
1997 Zip2 partners with newspapers to provide online directories for their websites.
1998 The company secures a $3 million investment from angel investors.
1999 Zip2 merges with the city guide software company, Global Link Information Network.
2000 Zip2 is acquired by Compaq Computer Corporation for a staggering $307 million.

Compaq’s Acquisition of Zip2

After gaining traction with its online business directories, Zip2 caught the attention of Compaq Computer Corporation. The following table highlights the details surrounding Compaq’s acquisition of Zip2.

Acquirer Date Acquisition Price Key Outcome
Compaq Computer Corporation February 1999 $307 million Zip2 becomes fully owned by Compaq.

Zip2’s Acquisitions

During its existence, Zip2 pursued acquisition opportunities to further strengthen its market position. The table below showcases notable acquisitions made by Zip2.

Year Company Acquired
1998 Global Link Information Network (City guide software company)
1998 Online pizza ordering startup
1999 Business directory software provider

Elon Musk’s Role in Zip2’s Success

As one of the co-founders of Zip2, Elon Musk played a crucial role in driving the company’s success. The following table highlights some of Elon Musk‘s contributions during his time at Zip2.

Contribution Impact
Strategic vision Guided the company’s direction and expansion into new markets.
Technological innovation Developed cutting-edge mapping tools and software.
Business development Forged valuable partnerships with newspapers and other media.

Zip2’s Key Partnerships

In order to extend its reach and provide online directories for various entities, Zip2 formed partnerships with several key players in the industry. The table below showcases some of the notable partnerships established by Zip2.

Year Partner Collaboration
1997 The New York Times Integration of Zip2’s directories into The New York Times’ website.
1998 The Chicago Tribune Joint development of online business directories specific to Chicago.
2000 Apple Integration of Zip2’s services into Apple’s products.

Zip2’s Expansion into International Markets

Recognizing the potential for global expansion, Zip2 ventured into international markets to broaden its user base beyond the United States. The following table highlights some of the countries where Zip2 established a presence.

Year Country
1997 Canada
1998 United Kingdom
1999 Germany
2000 Australia

Zip2’s Cutting-Edge Features

Zip2 was known for its innovative approach to online business directories and maps. The table below showcases some of the cutting-edge features implemented by Zip2.

Feature Description
Interactive maps Users could dynamically navigate and search within the maps.
Integration with GPS devices Zip2’s software could be synced with GPS devices for enhanced navigation.
Personalized recommendations The system learned user preferences to provide tailored suggestions.

Zip2’s Competition in the Market

While Zip2 enjoyed success, it faced competition from other players in the online directory and mapping domain. Below is an overview of some prominent companies that competed with Zip2.

Company Key Differentiator
MapQuest Pioneered online mapping technology.
Switchboard Offered comprehensive online directories for businesses.
CitySearch Emphasized user reviews and recommendations.

Zip2’s Legacy

Zip2’s acquisition by Compaq in 2000 marked a pivotal moment in Elon Musk‘s entrepreneurial journey. The sale provided him with crucial funds to embark on future ambitious projects. Today, the innovative ideas and technological advancements pioneered by Zip2 continue to shape the digital landscape.

When Was Zip2 Sold? – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zip2?

Zip2 is a software company founded in 1996 that developed online city guides for newspapers. It provided local business information and maps to users through its platform.

Who founded Zip2?

Zip2 was founded by Elon Musk and his brother Kimbal Musk. They started the company in Palo Alto, California.

When was Zip2 sold?

Zip2 was sold in March 1999.

Who acquired Zip2?

Zip2 was acquired by Compaq Computer Corporation, which is now part of Hewlett-Packard.

Why was Zip2 sold?

Zip2 was sold to Compaq Computer Corporation as part of a deal valued at over $300 million. The acquisition provided Zip2 with additional resources and allowed the company to expand its services.

What happened to Zip2 after it was sold?

After being acquired by Compaq Computer Corporation, Zip2 continued to operate under its own name for a few years before eventually being phased out and integrated into other Compaq divisions.

Did Elon Musk make money from the sale of Zip2?

Yes, Elon Musk made a significant amount of money from the sale of Zip2. It has been reported that he received approximately $22 million from the sale.

What did Elon Musk do after Zip2?

After Zip2, Elon Musk went on to co-found X.com, an online payment company that later became PayPal. He also founded SpaceX, Tesla, and other successful ventures.

Is Zip2 still in operation?

No, Zip2 is no longer in operation. It ceased operations after being acquired by Compaq Computer Corporation.

What is the legacy of Zip2?

Zip2 played a significant role in the development of online mapping and business directory services. It was one of the early pioneers in this field and helped pave the way for future digital mapping platforms.